Asyra Testing Click here for a demo. The Asyra® is a superior hardware and software system that allows you to evaluate patients in a new way for allergies, pathogens, toxins, emotional factors, structural issues, metabolic issues, and hundreds of other areas. A New Perspective As a health care professional, you understand that current practices are largely based on the evaluation of averages and in finding where your patient's issues most closely relate to those averages. Unfortunately, this approach creates a diagnostic and therapeutic gap between what is "commonly" theorized or proven for the general population and what is "necessarily specific" to your patient. Asyra technology can bridge this gap to assist you in restoring optimal health to your patients. Allergy Desensitization (4 visits) Imprinted Remedies: Group 1-25 Active, 26-30 Placebo, 31-35 Control Pre StudyPost StudyMore than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. Simply speaking, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms. Where traditional approaches end, the Asyra system introduces a new perspective for evaluating and developing solutions to these issues. Your effectiveness as a health care practitioner is enhanced by the quality of service you provide to your patients. You depend on your own educated judgment; the quality of the tests, treatments and remedies you prescribe; and the reliability of the equipment you use. Clinically Effective With the Asyra, you can apply bioenergetic principles and practices in just a few minutes to evaluate patients in a new way for allergies, pathogens, toxins, emotional factors, structural issues, metabolic issues, and hundreds of other areas. For example, in a recent double-blind study conducted by E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D., and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D., of the University of Utah Alternative Medicine Department, the Asyra yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry using a clinical pool of 1,800 patients. Asyra technology is fresh, fast, reliable, and effective. For these reasons and many others, it is the perfect complementary tool for your practice. Can you provide examples of companies, product lines, or information categories already in the Asyra system's library database? A. Yes. Examples include: •A.L. Profile - Base Test•A.L. Profile - Pattern 1•A.L. Profile - Pattern 2•A.L. Profile - Pattern 3•A.L. Profile - Pattern 4•A.L. Profile - Pattern 5•A.L. Profile - Pattern 6•A.L. Profile - Pattern 7•A.L. Profile - Pattern 8•A.L. Profile - Pattern 9•ABEIM LED Protocol (Detoxification)•ABEIM Misc. Tests (Dr. Cowden)•American Nutriceuticals•Apex - Emotional Filters•Apex - Environmental Reactants•Apex - Food Reactants•Apex - Foundational Axis•Apex - Global List•Apex - Hormonal Filters•Apex - Tox/Yin/Yang•Apex - Tox/Yin/Yang - Follow Up•Apex Energetics•Bach Flower Essences•BioPure•BioRay•BioTech Health (U.K. - Tests)•Biotics Research•BodyHealth•Chi's Enterprise•Chinese Herbal Combinations•CompliMed•Comprehensive Analysis (G-Tech)•Dental Resonance Profile•Deseret Biological•Designs for Health•Digestive Panel (expanded)•DR Recommends•Dr. David Wheeler's Natural Products•Dr. Steinberg's I.H.P.•Dr.s Advantage•E.F.T. (emotional freedom technique)•Energetix•Environmental Sensitivities List•Farmacia Urban Healing•Food Sensitivities List•Golden Flower•GUNA Biotherapeutics•Heel Combination Remedies•Hegsii Research Labs (Vonner Health Services)•Herbal Life Products•Herbs (singles)•Immunecology•Info - AAP Base•Info - AAP Corollaries•Info - Frequencies (G-NGF)•Info. - (Rx) Anesthetics•Info. - (Rx) Antibiotics•Info. - (Rx) Antidepressants•Info. - (Rx) Antifungals•Info. - (Rx) Antihistamines•Info. - (Rx) Antipsychotics•Info. - (Rx) Anxiolytics•Info. - (RX) Contraceptives•Info. - (Rx) Diuretics•Info. - (Rx) Mood Stabilizers•Info. - (Rx) Statins•Info. - (Rx) Stimulants•Info. - Acupuncture Evaluation•Info. - Alzheimers Issues•Info. - Auric Field•Info. - Auricular Points•Info. - Autism Panel•Info. - Baseline Filters•Info. - Brain Waves•Info. - Chemotherapy Agents•Info. - Cranial Therapy•Info. - CRT Methodology (Dr. Pinto)•Info. - Crystal Signatures•Info. - Degenerative Disturbance•Info. - Dental Materials•Info. - Endorphins•Info. - Enzymes (supplemental)•Info. - Exercise Profile (a) - Aerobic•Info. - Exercise Profile (a) - Anaerobic•Info. - Exercise Profile (a) - Stretching•Info. - Exercise Profile (b) - Duration•Info. - Exercise Profile (b) - Frequency•Info. - Exercise Profile (b) - Intensity•Info. - Exercise Profile - Base Test•Info. - Five Elements•Info. - Frequencies (G-Ecdysone)•Info. - Frequencies (R.R.)•Info. - Frequencies - Female (R.R)•Info. - Frequencies - Male (R.R.)•Info. - G.I Panel•Info. - GenoType Diets•Info. - Growth Factors•Info. - Homotoxocology Evaluation•Info. - Individual Applications•Info. - Inflammation Panel•Info. - Inhalant Profile (region 8)•Info. - Inhalants (California)•Info. - Matter/Energy Disruptions•Info. - Metabolic Typing•Info. - Neuropeptides•Info. - Non-Linear Tests•Info. - Nosodes Addendum•Info. - Prolotherapy•Info. - Reflexology Evaluation•Info. - Religious Values•Info. - Reticuloendothilial•Info. - Sarcodes List•Info. - Symptom-Emotion Correlation•Info. - Systems•Info. - Treatment Applications•Innovita•InteMedica•Jernigan Nutraceuticals•Lyme Remedies•Mannatec•Marco Pharma•MediHerb•Mediral Remedies•Metagenics•Morter Health•NAET•Natura Health Products•Nature's Sunshine•NatuRx•neato•Neways•NutraMedix Products•Nutri-West•Nutritional Assesment (generic)•NutriVital•Oasis LifeSciences•Pekana•Pharmanex•Premier Research Labs•PRL - Filter Applications•Probiotics•Professional Botanicals•Professional Complementary Health Formulas•PSE (psychosomatic energies)•Quinton•Researched Nutritionals•SafeCare Rx (King Bio)•SanPharma•Sanum Pleomorphic•Seroyal Genestra•Seroyal Unda•Shaklee•Solgar - Nutrients & Herbals•Standard Process•Standard Process - Vetrinary Line•Syntrion•Systemic Formulas•Thorne Research Encapsulations•Transformation Enzymes•USANA•Xymogen Formulas•Young Essential Oils