Pleo Quent

Pleo Quent (Quentakehl) Drops 5X is a homeopathic decongestant medicine indicated for supporting the temporary relief of congestion due to colds and minor respiratory infections*.
Supports the temporary relief of congestion due to colds and minor respiratory infections*

Pleo Quent is indicated for acute, chronic and latent viral conditions*

Pleo Quent, extracted from the mold-fungus Penicillium glabrum, is not an antibiotic and produces no antibiotic substances. Therefore, there are no side-effects which could occur during an antibiotic treatment, such as allergies, liver damage, destruction of the intestinal flora and the formation of penicillin-resistant strains.

Pleo Quent acts specifically on all virus infections. In the simultaneous application of Pleo Muc or Pleo Nig, Pleo Quent plays an important role for irritative therapy. It is useful to apply Pleo Quent or Pleo Not frequently in any preferred form in serial applications of Mucokehl, not only if the course of therapy is unsatisfactory, but also during injection intervals.

Indications: Homeopathic remedy: To be used according to standard homeopathic indications. For acute and latent viral infections such as laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, flu-type infections, all diseases caused by mixed infections, or as intensifier of other fungal preparations for: migraine, MS, vertigo, Menieres disease, Herpes zoster, chicken- pox, cephalgias and HWS-syndrome, as an interposition in chronic inflammations of the urinary tract and nephritis when treated with fungal preparations.