Pleo Not (NOTAKEHL) Drops 5X 10ml

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Pleo Notakehl (Pleo™ Not)  
  • For both chronic and acute bacterial infections and conditions.
  • Supports temporary relief of coughs, fever and congestion due to colds and minor respiratory infections.
  • Support for both chronic and acute bacterial infections and conditions. 
  • Support for staph and strep infections.
Medicinal ingredient: Penicillium chrysogenum Notakehl® 5X ( Pleo  Not) Drops

Active ingredient: Penicillium chrysogenum extract 5X Composition: 1 ml liquid dilution contains: Medically active substance: 1 ml Penicillium chrysogenum 5X dil. Other constituents: purified water.  
Characteristics: Pleo Not is produced from the Penicillium chrysogenum mold fungus. It is not an antibiotic and does not produce antibiotic substances, therefore, there are no side effects which may occur during treatment with antibiotics, such as allergies, liver damages, destruction of intestinal flora and the formation of Penicillin resistant strains. 

Pleo Not specifically acts with all infections caused by streptococci and staphylococci. With alternating applications of Pleo Muc or Pleo Nig; Pleo Not plays an important role for irritative therapy. It is not only useful in cases of unsatisfactory healing processes but also with serial applications of Pleo Muc during the injections intervals, to administer Pleo Not or Pleo Quent in any preferred dosage form. 

According to experience, for all general bacterial suppurations, e.g. angina tonsillitis, laryngitis; to be administered in follow-up treatment for suppurations caused after tooth extractions, consecases of: cutive spinal conditions e.g. cervical spine, lumbal syndrome, otitis, neuritis, neuralgia; conditions of the urogenital system e.g. adenoma of the prostate, urinary tract infections, pulmonary diseases, such as asthma-bronchitis, bronchitis, sino-bronchitis and acne.

Application: For oral intake: 1 x daily 5-10 drops before a meal. For rubbing in: 1 x daily 5-10 drops at the location of the disease or into the bend of the elbow.  For inhalation: 10-20 drops, inhaled deeply 2-3 x daily.

Contraindications: In cases of known hypersensitivity to Penicillium chrysogenum, as a precaution, this preparation should not be administered. 

Adverse reactions: None known. Because of specific organic components of Pleo Not, theoretically, hypersensitivity may occur. In this case, discontinue medication and treat symptomatically.  

Interactions with other remedies: Do not administer simultaneously with Pleo Muc.  

Side effects: None known.  

Precautions: As with all medications and due to the variations of clinical studies, professional medical advice should be sought prior to recommending this product to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with children.  

Duration of treatment: Dependent on the advice of the physician or health care professional.  

Advice: Pleo Not is used in isopathic therapy for all acute and chronic diseases caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal infections. Apply Pleo Not as an interposition with herpes zoster; changing after one week to Pleo Quentl. 

The Natural Antibiotic! By Heather Schofield, BSc, DHMHS, HD 

Are you looking for an effective alternative to antibiotics? How about a fast-acting and successful treatment for bacterial infections that is suitable for all ages, and is non-toxic with no side effects or negative interactions with other medications? Have you considered using a ‘change the environment’ approach rather than the ‘kill’ approach?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then isopathic therapy as a branch of Biological Medicine is the treatment modality for you. 

Biological Medicine utilizes therapeutic practices to work in harmony with the natural capabilities of the organism by promoting regulation, regeneration, adaptation and self-healing. From the pleomorphic perspective, the internal environment is responsible for the formation of viral, bacterial and degenerative physiology. Therefore, the way to counter most infections and bacterial/viral diseases is by modifying the milieu and supporting physiological function. 

Pleo-Sanum isopathic therapy is recognized to positively influence the regulatory processes, the matrix and the internal milieu, and the symbiotic bacterial ecology within the body. As part of Pleo-Sanum isopathic therapy, Pleo-Not (Notakehl)can offer prevention and effective treatment for acute conditions and inflammatory processes. It assists in restoring microbial equilibrium within the body by promoting a reduction in pathogenic bacterial forms. 

 Pleo-Not is an isopathic remedy made from Penicillium chrysogenum, a symbiotic micro-organism that exhibits natural ‘antibiotic-like’ effects in inflammatory processes, infectious diseases, acute bacterial infections, and susceptibility to bacterial infections. This remedy’s forte is in all types of bacterial conditions caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus infections. While usage is often coined ‘from the neck up’ to include sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis, tonsillitis and dental infections or abscesses, it is also effective in conditions including bronchitis, slow healing wounds, skin infections, cystitis and urinary tract infections. 

It should be noted that Pleo-Not is not the same as the antibiotic penicillin. This remedy (Pleo-Not), made from the Penicillium micro-organism neither contains nor produces penicillinic acid, so it can safely be given to patients with penicillin allergies. In addition, its use is not accompanied by side effects which are common in antibiotic treatments such as allergies, liver damage, destruction of intestinal flora and evolution of penicillin-resistant strains. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a safe and effective alternative approach to restoring the balance within the body and reducing pathogenic bacterial forms with a ‘natural antibiotic’, consider using Pleo-Sanum isopathic therapy and specifically the remedy Pleo-Not.

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